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  1. (M): A Flexible Peripheral System for High-Performance Systems on Chip
  2. 3D Turbo Decoder ASIC Realization
  3. A Snitch-based Compute Accelerator for HERO
  4. A Trustworthy Three-Factor Authentication System
  5. Acceleration and Transprecision
  6. All-Digital In-Memory Processing
  7. AnalogInt
  8. Analog IC Design
  9. Andrea Cossettini
  10. Andreas Kurth
  11. Application Specific Frequency Synthesizers (Analog/Digital PLLs)
  12. Audio
  13. Audio Signal Processing
  14. Bandwidth Extension with Carrier Aggregation for Mobile Gigabit-Communication
  15. Beamspace processing for 5G mmWave massive MIMO on GPU
  16. Benjamin Sporrer
  17. Benjamin Weber
  18. Biomedical Circuits, Systems, and Applications
  19. Biomedical Systems on Chip
  20. Channel Estimation and Equalization for LTE Advanced
  21. Characterization of the susceptibility to cosmic radiation of wide bandgap power devices by radioactive sources and at cryogenic temperatures
  22. Characterization techniques for silicon photonics-Lumiphase
  23. Christoph Keller
  24. Coding Guidelines
  25. Completed
  26. Cryptography
  27. DaCe on Snitch
  28. Deconvolution Accelerator for On-Chip Semi-Supervised Learning
  29. Design Review
  30. Design and Exploitation of a Test-Bench for Non-Destructive Characterization of the Susceptibility of Silicon Carbide (SiC) Power Devices to Cosmic Radiation
  31. Design and implementation of the front-end for a portable ionizing radiation detector
  32. Design of an on-field adaptable pulse-processing unit for semicondutor radiation detectors
  33. Design of key building blocks for miniaturized sensor systems
  34. Development of an efficient algorithm for quantum transport codes
  35. Digital Transmitter for Mobile Communications
  36. Electrothermal characterization of van der Waals Heterostructures with a partial overlap
  37. Embedded Artificial Intelligence:Systems And Applications
  38. Embedded Systems and autonomous UAVs
  39. Enabling Standalone Operation
  40. Energy Efficient Circuits for Wireless Neural Recording
  41. Every individual on the planet should have a real chance to obtain personalized medical therapy
  42. Experimental Validation of Impact Ionization Models for TCAD Simulation by a Novel Characterization Technique
  43. FFT HDL Code Generator for Multi-Antenna mmWave Communication
  44. FPGA-Based Digital Frontend for 3G Receivers
  45. FPGA Optimizations of Dense Binary Hyperdimensional Computing
  46. Fabian Schuiki
  47. Fast and Accurate Multiclass Inference for Brain–Computer Interfaces
  48. Feature Extraction for Speech Recognition (1S)
  49. Ferroelectric Memristors for Artificial Neural Networks (IBM-Zurich)
  50. Final Presentation

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