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  1. (M): A Flexible Peripheral System for High-Performance Systems on Chip
  2. 3D Ultrasound Bubble Tracking
  3. 4th Generation Synchronization
  4. 5G Cellular RF Front-end Design in 22nm CMOS Technology
  5. AMZ Driverless Competition Embedded Systems Projects
  6. ASIC Design of a Gaussian Message Passing Processor
  7. ASIC Design of a Sigma Point Processor
  8. ASIC Development of 5G-NR LDPC Decoder
  9. A Demonstrator of Non-Synchronized Hyperdimensional Body Area Networks
  10. A Flexible Peripheral System for High-Performance Systems on Chip (M)
  11. A Multiview Synthesis Core in 65 nm CMOS
  12. A Novel Constrained-Viterbi Algorithm with Linear Equalization and Grouping Assistance
  13. A Snitch-based Compute Accelerator for HERO
  14. A Trustworthy Three-Factor Authentication System
  15. A Unified-Multiplier Based Hardware Architecture for Elliptic Curve Cryptography
  16. A Unified Compute Kernel Library for Snitch (1-2S)
  17. A Waypoint-based Navigation System for Nano-Size UAVs in GPS-denied Environments
  18. A Wearable System To Control Phone And Electronic Device Without Hands
  19. A Wearable System for long term monitoring of human physiological parameters with E skin sensors
  20. A Wearable Wireless Kidney Function Monitoring System For BioMedical Applications
  21. A Wireless Sensor Network for HPC monitoring
  22. A Wireless Sensor Network for a Smart Building Monitor and Control
  23. A computational memory unit using phase-change memory devices
  24. A mmWave Voltage-Controlled-Oscillator (VCO) for beyond 5G applications
  25. Ab-initio Simulation of Strained Thermoelectric Materials
  26. Accelerating Applications Relying on Matrix-Vector-Product-Like Operations
  27. Accelerators for object detection and tracking
  28. Accurate deep learning inference using computational memory
  29. Active-Set QP Solver on FPGA
  30. Advanced 5G Repetition Combining
  31. Adversarial Attacks Against Deep Neural Networks In Wearable Cameras
  32. Aliasing-Free Wavetable Music Synthesizer
  33. Ambient RF Energy harvesting for Wireless Sensor Network
  34. An Energy Efficient Brain-Computer Interface using Mr.Wolf
  35. An FPGA-Based Evaluation Platform for Mobile Communications
  36. An FPGA-Based Testbed for 3G Mobile Communications Receivers
  37. An Industrial-grade Bluetooth LE Mesh Network Solution
  38. An RPC DRAM Implementation for Energy-Efficient ASICs (1-2S)
  39. An all Standard-Cell Based Energy Efficient HW Accelerator for DSP and Deep Learning Applications
  40. AnalogInt
  41. Analog Compute-in-Memory Accelerator Interface and Integration
  42. Analog Layout Engine
  43. Analog building blocks for mmWave manipulation
  44. Android Software Design
  45. Android reliability governor
  46. Ara: Update PULP's Vector Processor with the recent RISC-V Vector Extension Development
  47. Assessment of novel photovoltaic architectures by circuit simulation
  48. Audio DAC Conversion Jitter Measurement System
  49. Audio Video Preprocessing In Parallel Ultra Low Power Platform
  50. Augmenting Our IPs with AXI Stream Extensions (M/1-2S)

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