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  1. An FPGA-Based Evaluation Platform for Mobile Communications
  2. An FPGA-Based Testbed for 3G Mobile Communications Receivers
  3. An Industrial-grade Bluetooth LE Mesh Network Solution
  4. An RPC DRAM Implementation for Energy-Efficient ASICs (1-2S)
  5. An all Standard-Cell Based Energy Efficient HW Accelerator for DSP and Deep Learning Applications
  6. Analog
  7. AnalogInt
  8. Analog Compute-in-Memory Accelerator Interface and Integration
  9. Analog IC Design
  10. Analog Layout Engine
  11. Analog building blocks for mmWave manipulation
  12. Analysis and Design of Power Efficient RF/ mm-Wave LC-tank Oscillator in 28nm for 5G communication applications
  13. Andrea Cossettini
  14. Andreas Kurth
  15. Android Software Design
  16. Android reliability governor
  17. Application Specific Frequency Synthesizers (Analog/Digital PLLs)
  18. Ara: Update PULP's Vector Processor with the recent RISC-V Vector Extension Development
  19. Assessment of novel photovoltaic architectures by circuit simulation
  20. Atretter
  21. Audio
  22. Audio DAC Conversion Jitter Measurement System
  23. Audio Signal Processing
  24. Audio Video Preprocessing In Parallel Ultra Low Power Platform
  25. Augmenting Our IPs with AXI Stream Extensions (M/1-2S)
  26. Autoencoder Accelerator for On-Chip Semi-Supervised Learning
  27. Automatic unplugging detection for Ultrasound probes
  28. Autonomous Mapping with Nano-Drones UWB and Novel Depth Sensors
  29. Autonomous Obstacle Avoidance with Nano-Drones and Novel Depth Sensors
  30. Autonomous Sensing For Trains In The IoT Era
  31. Autonomous Sensors For Underwater Monitoring In Smart Navy Systems
  32. Autonomous Smart Watches: Hardware and Software Desing
  33. Autonomous Smart Watches: Toward an ultra low power microphone detector with events classification
  34. Autonomus Drones With Novel Sensors And Ultra Wide Band
  35. BCI-controlled Drone
  36. BLISS - Battery-Less Identification System for Security
  37. Bandgap voltage reference in 65nm CMOS
  38. Bandwidth Extension with Carrier Aggregation for Mobile Gigabit-Communication
  39. Baseband Meets CPU
  40. Baseband Processor Development for 4G IoT
  41. Bateryless Heart Rate Monitoring
  42. Battery Tester
  43. Battery indifferent wearable Ultrasound
  44. Beamspace processing for 5G mmWave massive MIMO on GPU
  45. Beat Cadence
  46. Beat DigRF
  47. Benjamin Sporrer
  48. Benjamin Weber
  49. BigPULP: Multicluster Synchronization Extensions
  50. BigPULP: Shared Virtual Memory Multicluster Extensions

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