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Students' International Competitions: F1(AMZ), Swissloop, Educational Rockets

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Short Description

We are supporting students international competitions such as:

* Swissloop ( 
* AMZ(, 
* ARIS ( 

It is possible to collaborate in an amazing project during your semester or master project and participate to the international challenges:

Depending on the applicant's profile and project type, his tasks may involve some of the following:

  • lab. testing/characterization of the existing prototype: verification of the prototype's characteristics w.r. design specification (simulations), measuring power-consumption, and assessing detection performance in the lab. conditions
  • High-level software programming, machine learning, wireless communication
  • programming the circuit for a specific application, field testing, data acquisition
  • Designing PCB with micro-controllers, the wireless interface, energy harvesting and sensors and test on the field.
  • Firmware implementation for low power and application.
  • Analog/digital design using discrete components.


(not all need to be met by the single candidate)

  • Experience using the laboratory instrumentation - signal generators, oscilloscopes, DAQ cards, Matlab etc.
  • analog electronics and signal conditioning with operational amplifiers: amplifiers, filters, integrators etc.
  • knowledge of microcontroller programming and PC programming (C/C++, preferably microcontroller with Radio)
  • basic knowledge on signal processing is a plus.
  • plus is knowledge on printed circuit board (PCB) using Altium.

For a complete list of many cool projects please go to the following links

Available Projects