Technical aspects of photography

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Technical Aspects

Here we talk about settings you can adjust in a camera and what they mean, how quality of cameras and lenses are defined, how we manipulate images and finally how we use and display them.

I see four complementary technical parts of photography:

  • Environment The light and subjects in your photograph
  • Cameras The equipment you use to capture the photograph
  • Processing How the image is manipulated, corrected
  • Media How we display the image

Everyone has a different level of interest in these aspects. Some are more interested in the cameras others more in the image processing. All of those are fine, you can work with only natural light, or spend time in setting up a nice studio, after all it is meant to be fun.

Environment You can influence and change the environment/subjects you are taking a photograph of.


Cameras Your main tool in photography will be a camera, and at least one lens. Learn how to do more with it.

Types, Adjustments, Lenses, Buying Guide

Processing Doesn't matter what method you use, your image will get manipulated at many levels even if you do are not aware of it.

color correction, compression, Resizing, cropping

Media You will display your photographs either as a print or a picture on a social media channel. Each media has its own requirements and constraints.

Resolution, Resizing, DPI, Compression

These pages are for Amateur Photographers and not really for seasoned photographers and professionals. I have no affiliation or commercial interest with any brand/make. I write from my own experience. I ended up using mainly Nikon, so I am more familiar with this brand than others. See price for notes on pricing as well as photography related links.