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Ultrasound signal processing acceleration with CUDA

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Short Description

Ultrasound imaging is a non-invasive imaging technique that provides visible information on the structure of musculoskeletal tissues and organs. Thanks to the increased availability of digital computation capabilities, fully-digital ultrasound systems are progressively replacing the more expensive and bulky analog solutions. In a fully-digital solution, the ultrasound signals are digitized directly on the probe, and sent to a commodity device (e.g. PC) for further processing. To support continuous imaging with high frame rates, the remote PC should perform efficient image reconstruction with minimal execution time.

Goal & Tasks

The goal of the mini-project is to optimize ultrasound signal processing routines and the Delay-And-Sum image reconstruction algorithm with PyCuda. The optimized code will be integrated into the PyBF ultrasound beamformer library developed at IIS.


  • Python (sklearn, tensorflow)
  • C

Status: Completed

Louis Meile

Supervision: Sergei Vostrikov, Andrea Cossettini


20% Literature Study
80% Coding


Luca Benini

Practical Details

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