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==Sandro Belfanti==
#REDIRECT [[User:Belfanti]]
Sandro Belfanti was born in Zurich, Switzerland in 1985. He received his M.S. degree in electrical engineering and information technology from ETH Zürich, Switzerland, in 2011. Since then he is pursuing
his Ph.D. degree at the integrated systems laboratory (IIS) at ETH Zurich.
* Digital design
* Wireless communications, mobile communications
* Digital signal processing
* Error correcting codes, turbo codes
* Channel equalization and estimation
==Available Projects==
There are several projects currently available, which are listed in this section. Most of them can be adapted to a Masters or a Semester thesis. If you want to do something in with error correction codes or equalizers,
I usually have more ideas for projects than I formulated here, for both more theoretical / simulation-based and implementation projects. If you are interested, just send me an e-mail.
Group projects (Gruppenarbeiten), are too short to finish any of the projects in this section. However, we do occasionally come across some smaller projects, which we do not post online, so feel free to ask.
===[[:Category:Digital|Digital Design]]===
category = Available
category = Belfanti
* [[Bandwidth_Extension_with_Carrier_Aggregation_for_Mobile_Gigabit-Communication|Bandwidth Extension with Carrier Aggregation for Mobile Gigabit-Communication]]
==Completed Projects==
[[File:LazyGonzales.png | thumb | The most recent ASIC from a design project - Lazy Gonzales]]
Projects which have already been completed. Similar of follow-up projects are sometimes possible.
* Turbo Decoder for LTE-Advanced
* 3D Turbo Codes
* Area-Efficient 3D Turbo Decoder Implementation
* Shuffled Tubo Decoding for LTE-Advanced
* Synchronization for TD-HSPA
* Channel Equalization for Fast Fading Channels in TD-HSPA
* Synchronization & Power Control concepts for 3GPP TD-HSPA
* Co-Channel Interference Cancellation with Receive Diversity
* Digital Frontend for LTE-Advanced
* VLSI Implementation Trade-offs of 3G Turbo Decoders
== Projects in Progress==
==Contact Information==
If you have any questions concerning the projects or are interested in doing something which is not on the list, just write an e-mail.
* '''Office''': ETZ J90
* '''e-mail''': []
* '''phone''': (+41 44 63) 260 89

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