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==Short Bio==
#REDIRECT [[Harald Kröll]]
Harald Kröll received his Dipl.-Ing. degree from
Graz University of Technology in 2010. During his Master's thesis he
worked on Ultra Wideband Location Fingerprinting at the Wireless
Communications Group at ETH Zurich. In the same year he joined the
Integrated Systems Laboratory (IIS) at ETH Zurich where he is working
towards a PhD degree.
* Physical layer architectures for wireless communication
* Digital signal processing
* Hardware acceleration
==Available Projects==
* [[Design_of_an_LTE_Module_for_the_Internet_of_Things | Design of an LTE Module for the Internet_of Things]]
* [[Hardware_Accelerator_Integration_into_Embedded_Linux | Hardware Accelerator Integration into Embedded Linux]]
* [[Hardware_Accelerated_Derivative_Pricing | Hardware Accelerated Derivative Pricing]]
==Contact Information==
If you have any questions concerning the projects or are interested in doing something which is not on the list, just write an e-mail.
* '''Office''': ETZ J90
* '''e-mail''': []
* '''phone''': (+41 44 63) 25246

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