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VLSI Implementation of a Low-Complexity Channel Shortener for 2G EC-GSM-IoT and Evolved EDGE

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Short Description

Today's wireless devices have to deal with multi-path propagation caused by reflecting objects along the receive paths. These reflections lead to a long channel impulse responses, which makes the channel equalization complex. Therefore channel shortening filters are used to transform the long channel impulse response into a shorter one. At IIS during the last years, several channel shortening algorithms and implementations have been presented.

Your task in this project is to design and implement a hardware architecture of a novel channel shortening algorithm we developed recently [1]. You will get a MATLAB implementation of the algorithm as a reference implementation, from which you can start building your architecture. After you sketched a block diagram, you will implement the architecture in VHDL. To this end you will port the implementation to an FPGA and analyze resource utilization, or synthesize it for an ASIC implementation, depending if you want to do a semester or a Master project.

Status: Available

Looking for interested students (Semester or Master Thesis)
Supervision: Harald Kröll, Benjamin Weber


30% Theory/Matlab
70% VHDL


Matlab, VHDL


Qiuting Huang