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Visualizing Functional Microbubbles using Ultrasound Imaging

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Short Description

Over the past 15 years, microbubbles have emerged as an appealing contrast agent for ultrasound imaging. They are typically composed of a thin shell – often a lipid monolayer – that is surrounding and stabilizing a gas core. Image contrast derives from nonlinear backscattering of acoustic waves upon exposure to acoustic pressure - a result of microbubble size oscillation that depends on microbubble size and other properties. We aim to design a process to detect differences in acoustic responses of functional microbubbles using an ultrasound imaging probe.

This is a joint project with the Responsive Biomedical Systems Lab of Prof. Simone Schürle (D-HEST)

Goal & Tasks

The goal of the project is to design an imaging mode that can visualize different functional microbubbles within an ultrasound image. The main tasks of this project are:

  • Literature study of current microbubble imaging techniques.
  • Design an imaging technique for our given setup.
  • Verify the designed technique using simulations.
  • Implement the designed technique on one of our ultrasound imaging systems
  • Verify the designed technique in an in-vitro setup.
  • Assess the quality of the bubble visualization in a quantifiable way.


  • Signal processing basics

Status: Available

Looking for Interested Students
Supervision: Andrea Cossettini, Sergei Vostrikov, Dragana Ristanovic <>


10% Literature Study
30% Simulations of the Imaging Process
30% Evaluations (including work in the Lab)
30% Implementation


Luca Benini
Simone Schürle

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Practical Details