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ASIC Design Projects

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Design your ASIC

Do you want to design your own chip

How does it work

You want to do your very own ASIC, great. Here are some simple steps:

  • You need to attend VLSI2 and most importantly follow the exercises. They are step by step guides in making your own chip
  • You can register to a ASIC semester thesis together with VLSI2 or any following semester, or even do it as part of a master thesis
  • It is best if the work is done in groups of two
  • At the end of the semester (or as soon as there is an opportunity) we will send the chip to fabrication
  • A typical semester thesis takes 14 weeks, chips need another 15-16 weeks until they come back from manufacturing
  • You can test it as part of vlsi3 or a separate project.

Why is it a good idea

  • There are only very few universities you can do something like this
  • This is a real project that will allow you to learn how to manage the design of complex systems in practice.
  • It looks great on your CV

Newly available ASIC design projects from our group

Available ASIC design projects from our group

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Old ASIC design projects ideas from our group