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ASIC Design of a Sigma Point Processor

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Short Description

Numerous applications from the area of wireless communications, robotics or navigation require computationally demanding signal-processing algorithms, which have to be executed in real-time. Examples include robot positioning or estimation of time-varying radio channels.

Sigma point belief propagation [1] lets one describe these algorithms in a common way. While in a recent master project [2] we demonstrated, how a more restrictive type of belief propagation can be used to build a dedicated processor architecture, the goal of this project is to build a processor for sigma point belief propagation. Application specific processors of this type are serve as an signal-processing accelerator in heterogeneous multicore processors. They offer a unique blend of flexibility and computational performance compared to dedicated hardware implementations or general purpose processors.

You will start by implementing a sigma point processor in Matlab, then implementing and verifying the processor in VHDL. Afterwards you will compare the performance speed-up of your processor against existing designs and start with back-end design. After the back-end, your signal processor ASIC will be fabricated in high-end 65nm CMOS technology.

Status: Available

Looking for Interested Students
Supervision: Harald Kröll, Lukas Bruderer


20% Theory/Matlab
40% ASIC Design
40% EDA tools


VLSI II (recommended)
Matlab, VHDL


Qiuting Huang


[1] Sigma Point Kalman Filter

[2] A Signal Processor for Gaussian Message Passing↑ top