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Ambient RF Energy harvesting for Wireless Sensor Network

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Short Description

Wireless sensor networks (WSN) have been recognized as a fundamental enabling technology for a large variety of cyber-physical systems (CPS) applications in environmental monitoring, healthcare, security, and industrial domains, among others, due to the flexible distribution of WSN devices. As these devices are usually supplied by batteries, energy harvesting is a important technique that can be used to overcome the barriers that prevent the real world deployment. Many sources can be used to extend the battery life time such as Solar, Thermal, Kinetic, RF. The main objective of this project is to work with RF energy harvesting technology . The candidate student will develop an RF energy harvesting WSN prototype to show the effectiveness of RF energy harvesting for the usage of a WSN and will demonstrate that Radio Frequency energy can always be harvested. The RF harvested will be interfaced with also with a nano power wake up radio and the goal will be to achieve a fully passive wake up radio. Moreover a duty cycle determination method for system will be designed, and verified the validity of this method by implementing our system.. Measurements on the performance of the system will be performed from the students in order to evaluate the distance, power consumption, reliability, functionality.

Status: Available

Looking for 1 or 2 Master/Semester thesis students
Supervisors: Michele Magno


C Language
Interest in Computer Architectures at system level


30% Theory
40% Implementation
30% Testing


Luca Benini

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Detailed Task Description


Practical Details