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Analog and Mixed Signal Design Group

The Analog and Mixed Signal Design Group is specialized in designing mixed signal integrated circuits and systems. The group divides into following research fields:

Analog IC Design==

The focus of Analog IC Design projects is on designing analog circuits, simulations and layout. The applications cover a wide range: from high-speed transceivers to power management circuits, PLL design and bio-medical front-ends to name a few.

Biomedical System on Chips

Most projects are based around our bio-medical SoC called VivoSoC. It consists of specialised analogue front-ends (e.g. for ExG or neural signal acquisition, PPG based measurements, neural stimulation etc.) as well as powerful, PULP-based processor cores. Applications are in the field of optogenetics stimulation, ExG recordings (wearable and implantable), in-vivo and in-vitro experiments, neuroprosthetics etc.

RF SoCs for the Internet of Things

High-Performance & V2X Cellular Communications

Available Projects

Analog IC Design

TimesADPLL: A power efficient wide loop bandwidth fractional-N all digital PLL

Biomedical System on Chips

Vivosoc logo.png

RF SoCs for the Internet of Things

Iot soc.png