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Physical Characterization (Dr. M.Ciappa)

Characterization of the susceptibility of power devices to Cosmic Ray

Failure mechanisms in power electronic devices that are caused by single event and dose-related effects due to cosmic rays are investigated since long time. In single effect events, ionizing particles impinging on devices undergo different types of electromagnetic and/or nuclear interactions. This results in the deposition of energy along the ionization track that may produce a temporary malfunction in logic components (soft errors), or catastrophic failures in power devices. Since the interaction of cosmic rays with matter is a random process and critical events are quite rare, the simulation, the design, and the operation of robust and reliable devices require an accurate quantitative description of the energy (charge) deposited during each event and under realistic conditions.

The Integrated Systems Laboratory at the ETH Zurich performs research in the field of physics-based simulation, modelling and reliability for semiconductor processes and devices.

The Physical Characterization group offers BSc, Semester, and MSc projects in following fields:

• Device simulation of the cosmic rays effect in power devices
• Design and implementation of characterization equipment of power devices
• Design and implementation of dedicated spectrometer systems

Special attention is devoted to wide-bandgap devices.

Available Projects

We are still looking for students/partners to work on the following projects:


Dr. Mauro Ciappa [1]
Marco Pocaterra [2]