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Development of a Rockfall Sensor Node

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RAMMS Rockfall.png

Short Description

Over the last years, SLF Davos has been using embedded sensor nodes for measuring trajectories of falling rocks. The acquired data is used to improve simulations of rockfall incidents. However, the employed sensor nodes (StoneNode) have come to their end-of-life and should be replaced with better and smaller sensors employing state-of-the-art technology.

In this semester project you are going to design and assemble a prototype for StoneNode 2.0 using a microcontroller, MEMS intertial sensors, non-volatile memory and eventually wireless communication. Preliminary data acquisition will be performed, with the main goal to develop the complete data-grabbing software and perform real-world tests in collaboration with SLF Davos.

Status: Completed

Supervisors: Michele Magno, Michael Schaffner, Lukas Cavigelli, Andrin Caviezel (SLF Davos)


  • PCB design experience (PCB course strongly recommended)
  • analog electronics and signal conditioning with operational amplifiers: amplifiers, filters, integrators etc.
  • basic knowledge of microcontroller programming (C, preferably Texas Instruments MSP430)
  • basic knowledge on signal processing is a plus.


10% Theory
60% Implementation
30% Testing


SLF Davos


Luca Benini

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