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Digital Medical Ultrasound Imaging

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Current Prototype

In the LightProbe project, we are exploring the next generation of medical ultrasound imaging systems: The LightProbe is a programmable ultrasound transducer head, which incorporates the entire analog frontend and directly outputs the captured digital samples. This allows the LightProbe to be directly connected to any commodity hardware (phone, tablet, workstation) for post-processing over a standard digital link as simple as a standard peripheral, like a camera.

The LightProbe has two main challenges: The involved ten's of Gb/s data-rates produced by the frontend, which need to be processed and transported off-head, and the power/thermal constraints of such a high-performance handheld device.

This is an ongoing project at our lab and we are looking for motivated students to contribute on the following topics:

  • Implementation of processing subunits: Hardware design FPGA/ASIC (VHDL/HLS)
  • Programming of software functions: Microcontroller Programming / Processing system programming (C/C++/CUDA)
  • System level design: Hardware software interactions, multi FPGA system, high bandwidth links (VIVADO/IP/HW-SW Codesign)
  • Power/Thermal optimization: Modelling, Control, Task Scheduling (Matlab)
  • Ultrasond imaging algorithm development/improvements/tailoring for implementation (Matlab)
  • PCB Design

If you are interested in any of the above topics, contact us.

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