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Digital Medical Ultrasound Imaging

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Carotid artery extraction via wearable ultrasound
Muscle pennation angle from raw data via tiny Machine Learning

Our Activities

WULPUS probe

At IIS, we are exploring the next generation of medical ultrasound system. Our Flagship projects are:

  • LightABVS: a high-end ultrasound probe, evolution of LightProbe, which incorporates 192 channels and communicates with a host PC via two 100G Ethernet optical links
  • USdot: a reduced number of channels (32), compact, wireless probe for wearable applications
  • WULPUS: an ultra-low power (20mW) probe for long-term monitoring

We focus our ultrasound system developments on the challenges posed by high-speed acquisition and the resulting front-end data rates. Our main goals include the efficient processing and transmission of this data off-head. In addition, we are actively working on developing strategies to manage the power and thermal constraints of these devices. Furthermore, we strive to offer wearable solutions as well as alternatives to the traditional bulky and rigid system designs.

USdevelopment addressing constraints.png

This is an ongoing project at our lab and we are looking for motivated students to contribute on the following topics:

  • Firmware Development
    • System level design for hardware-software interactions, multi FPGA system, high bandwidth links (VIVADO/IP/HW-SW Codesign)
    • Programming of software functions: Microcontroller Programming / Processing system programming (C/C++/CUDA)
    • Power/Thermal optimization: Modelling, Control, Task Scheduling (C, Matlab)
  • Hardware Development
    • Implementation of processing subunits: Hardware design FPGA/ASIC (VHDL/HLS)
    • PCB Design (Altium, Spice, Ansys SIwave)
  • Physiological Characterization and Electro-Mechanical Testbeds
    • Design of physiological experiments and data analyses (Python/C)
    • Characterization and Testing (Lab instrumentation/Spice/Altium/C/Python/Matlab)
  • Ultrasound Signal Processing and ML
    • Machine Learning (on benchtop machines and on-device) (Python, MCU, FPGA)
    • Ultrasond imaging algorithm development/improvements/tailoring for implementation (Python, Matlab)
    • Sensor fusion with other biosignals (Python, C)

Who are we

Andrea Cossettini.jpg

Dr. Andrea Cossettini

  • Office: OAT U27 / ETZ J69.2
  • e-mail:, phone: +41 44 63 378 97
  • working on: wearables ultrasound, high-speed ultrasound, optoacoustics, applications


Dr. Christoph Leitner

Vsergei avatar.png

Sergei Vostrikov

Villanif avatar small.jpg

Federico Villani

  • Office: ETZ J69.2
  • e-mail:
  • working on: high-speed ultrasound and optoacoustics

Sebastian Frey

Highlights of Past Projects

Open Projects

This is a fast-evolving project area. If you are interested in the topic and want to do something in the areas mentioned above, come to see us to discuss up-to-date project opportunities! Showing up with your own project ideas is also very appreciated.

Firmware Development

Hardware Development

Physiological Characterization and Electro-Mechanical Testbeds

Ultrasound Signal Processing and ML

All projects are annotated with one or more possible project types (M/S/B/G) and a number of students (1 to 3).

  • M: Master's thesis: 26 weeks full-time (6 months) for one student only
  • S: Semester project: 14 weeks half-time (1 semester lecture period) or 7 weeks full-time for 1-3 students
  • B: Bachelor's thesis: 14 weeks half-time (1 semester lecture period) for one student only
  • G: Group project: 14 weeks part-time (1 semester lecture period) for 2-3 students

Usually, these are merely suggestions from our side; proposals can often be reformulated to fit students' needs.

Projects in Progress

Completed Projects