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High performance continous-time Delta-Sigma ADC for biomedical applications

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Continuous Time Delta-Sigma Converter Breems.png

Short Description

Acquisition of physiological signals to establish health status or to investigate potential disease has been done since a long time. With the help of microelectronics such acquisition devices have become small and wearable with the requirement of low power consumption while not degrading performance. As the frequency range of physiological signals is limited the reduction of noise by oversampling is convenient when using advanced technology for integration. Delta-Sigma based converters offer the possibility to reduce their quantization noise much below thermal noise and therefore allow for power efficient implementations with high dynamic range. In this work a continuous-time converter for up to 10kHz bandwidth with 80dB SNR will be designed in 130nm CMOS. It will be possible to learn the whole the design cycle including system simulation and layout as a master student, for a semester thesis the work will need to be reduced.



Status: Completed

Autumn Semester 2016
Alain Takabayashi


30% Theory
20% System Simulation (Matlab/Simulink)
50% Circuit Design


Qiuting Huang

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Detailed Task Description


Practical Details



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