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LightProbe - 192cha Multiplexer Stage (Rigid-Flex-PCB Project)

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LPf v4-side.jpg

Short Description

The current LightProbe design features a piezoelectric ultrasound sensor with 64 elements. Now, we want to equip the system with a 192 element sensor to achieve better image quality (resolution, contrast).

This requires the design of a new hardware subsystem for our probe: A multiplexer stage that allows to multiplex the 64 TX/RX channels of the probe to the 192 elements of the piezoelectric sensor. The multiplexer stage will have to be implemented on an advanced rigid flex PCB and must satisfy space and electrical constraints to be properly be intergated with the existing system.

Once the hardware design of the stage is completed, the control of the multiplexer must be integrated into the existing system pipeline such that first test images can be produced.


LPf v4.jpg

The main goal of the project is to design a high-voltage multiplexer stage and integrate it in our current ultrasound probe (see picture).

Your tasks are

  • Design of a rigid-flex PCB containing the multiplexer stage.
  • Connect the newly designed stage to the system and test it (programm using the microcontroller on the probe).
  • Produce a first ultrasound test image.


  • PCB design course
  • Microcontroller programming experience is a plus but not required

Status: Available

Looking for Interested Students
Supervision: Pascal Hager


10% System design
50% PCB design
40% Programming and Testing


Luca Benini

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