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Modeling High Bandwidth Memory for Rapid Design Space Exploration (1-3S/B)

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Status: Available


We recently taped Occamy in 12nm featuring a High Bandwidth Memory (HBM) controller. Simulations of the chip with the HBM active require multiple orders of magnitude more time than a regular RTL-only simulation due to the complexity of the HBM subsystem.


We would like to characterize the HBM subsystem, gaining key figures of merits like throughput, latency, etc. in the process. We then use these numbers to create a simple simulation-only (or RTL unit) that mimics the behavior of HBM but operates much faster in simulation.


10% Research HBM and DRAM technology 40% Simulation of the HBM, characterization, and model-building 20% Implementation of the model in SV 30% Evaluation


  • Interest in memory systems
  • Experience with digital design in SystemVerilog as taught in VLSI I
  • Preferred: Knowledge of AXI4