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Next-Gen Ultrasound Imaging Systems (Industry Student Projects & PhD Opportunity)

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Digital ultrasound imaging systems are a promising candidate for next generation ultrasound imaging systems. These systems use a digital ultrasound probe to capture the raw sensor data and transfer it to a PC system for fully software-defined processing, offering unprecedented flexibility and enabling new imaging modalities.

While we at IIS have demonstrated that this novel architecture is feasible for a system with 64 channels (LightProbe), it yet has to be demonstrated that this concept works for larger systems with up to 256 channels.

Increasing the number of channels heavily increases the requirements on the digital data link from the probe to the PC as well as the processing capabilities of the PC subsystem. Realtime data acquisition and processing at rates exceeding 100Gbit/s ask for an optimized system architecture.

Together with our industry partner, we are exploring the required innovations to realize such a system by building a joint prototype system.

For this project we are looking for highly-motivated students to work on solving the challenges required to build such a system.

Student contributions are possible in:

  • Digital System Design (Hardware & PCB)
  • FPGA Design (VHDL, HLS) & Firmware programming (C)
  • System Programming (Python, C)
  • Implementation of Processing (GPU, CUDA)

If you are intersted in pursuing a industry student project or PhD on this topic contact Pascal Hager or Prof. Luca Benini

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