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Satellite Internet of Things

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Short Description

Many future Internet-of-Things (IoT) applications such as asset tracking, smart farming, or geomonitoring require world-wide connectivity. While first cellular massive Machine-Type-Communication (mMTC) standards, namely Cat-M1 and Narrowband-IoT, extend cell-radii of cellular base stations to 40km due to new extended-coverage features, truely world-wide coverage using those technologies would not be viable from an economical point of view. Satellite-borne communication systems are very promising with this respective, either as a complementary technology to cellular connectivity by covering dead spots or as a stand-alone system. NB-IoT itself is seen as a possible technology for satellite IoT (sIoT) and in fact the extended-coverage would enable communication with satellites in Low Earth Orbits (LEO). But, the NB-IoT standard is optimized for slowly moving modems only, which directly contradicts the relative transmitter-receiver speeds of up to 27’000km/h for satellite communication systems.

The goal of this project is to develop a communication system for satellite IoT applications which bases on the NB-IoT standard. In a first step the existing NB-IoT Matlab simulation framework shall be extended to support satellite communication channels. A thorough simulative analysis of system performance will enable the identification of critical bottlenecks. These shall be eliminated in the second part of the project by algorithmic optimizations and/or changes to the physical-layer specification itself.

Status: Available

Looking for 1 Semester/Master student
Contact: Matthias Korb


An interest in wireless communication and signal processing
Matlab programming experience is helpful


Qiuting Huang

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