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Switched-capacitor power amplifier for IoT mobile communications: design of signal processing path

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Short Description

Mobile communication transmitters need to have a maximum output power in the order of 1W to reliably transmit data over distances of multiple kilometers. Currently the majority of these amplifiers have been built based on semiconductor materials with high electron mobility such as GaAs or InP that allow to obtain high power efficiency much easier. On the other side several attempts have been made to realize power amplifiers in CMOS that then would allow co-integration with the transceiver that nowadays is implemented almost entirely in CMOS. Switched capacitor power-amplifiers are an architecture that has evolved in the last years as CMOS implementation with the potential of high efficiency. The latter can only be achieved if the modulation signal is converted into a polar representation. In this thesis the signal processing to realize this functionality will first be investigated at a functional level before implementing it in a CMOS process.

Status: Available

Looking for 1-2 Semester or master students
Contact: Thomas Burger




20% Theory
40% System Simulation (Matlab/Simulink)
40% VHDL, synthesis and verification


Qiuting Huang

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