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I suggest to restructure this page into 4 main sections, apart from a small introductions as already implemented.

  1. Available Projects
 IMHO this is the most important part of the IIS-Projects site. It should be as easy as possible for students to find all available projects. I suggest listing only 5 or so projects from the Available category (maybe hot ones) and link to Category:Available, where students can browse the full catalog.
  1. Projects in Progress
 I suggest listing only 5 or so porjects here and link to Category:In progress
  1. Completed Projects
 I suggest listing nothing here and directly linking to Category:Completed  
  1. Miscellaneous
 Here links can be placed to any other interesting site e.g. Research Groups, ...

--Weberbe (talk) 19:14, 5 February 2015 (CET)