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Dr. Renzo Andri -- Contact Information

  • Office: Huawei Research Center
  • e-mail: renzo.andri AT huawei com


Dr. Renzo Andri has earned his PhD under the supervision of Prof. Luca Benini at the Integrated Systems Laboratory at ETH. In his research, he has focused on energy-efficient machine learning accelerators form efficient embedded Systems design to full custom ASIC design. He is currently working as Senior Researcher at Huawei Research in Zurich, conducting research on energy-efficient compute architectures and machine learning acceleration.

  • Computer Vision
  • Machine Learning, Neural Networks
  • FPGA & Digital ASIC Design
  • Low-Power Design
  • C/C++/CUDA software development
  • Embedded systems

Available Projects

We are providing student projects (master and semester theses) in collaboration with the IIS. See project under: Huawei Research