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Wireless In Action Data Streaming in Ski Jumping (1 B/S)

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Short Description

In ski jumping, low repetition rates of jumps limit effectiveness of training. Thus, increasing learning rate within every single jump is key to success. A critical element of athlete training is motor learning, which has been shown to be accelerated using feedback methods. Today, training feedback from coaches is mainly verbal and based on recorded video data. To improve modern feedback methods in ski jumping, we aim to develop a system that collects athlete performance data with a body-worn sensor node and transmits the information to the coach in real time. This requires reliable wireless communication with sufficient bandwidth and range.

Status: Available

Students will be co-supervised by the Center of Project Based Learning.
Looking for 1-2 Semester/Master students
Contact: Christoph Leitner, Lukas Schulthess (PBL)


Embedded systems and PCB design


60% Firmware Development
20% Fieldwork
10% Hardware evaluation and integration
10% Data analyses and documentation


Luca Benini

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Detailed Task Description

The main objective of this work is to implement and test a reliable Bluetooth Low Energy Coded PHY radio communication between an existing sensor node and a gateway. Field measurements (also with real ski jumpers) shall demonstrate the performance of the developed system. According to the level of the student and the chosen thesis type (BT/ST) the work will include some or all following tasks:


Firmware Development
  • Implement the BLE coded PHY stack on a nRF52 microcontroller (Nordic semiconductors) integrated in an existing multisensor system for ski-jumping

Characterization of data transmission quality and identification of losses using BLE coded PHY in various laboratory scenarious:

  • with increasing distance between source and target
  • with high velocity differences between source and target.
  • Using synthetic and/or real sensor data
Field Test
  • Transfer of the measurment setup on a ski jumping hill.
  • Validation of the system in a real-world scenario.

Practical Details


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