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Weekly Reports

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Most of the semester and master projects at IIS are related to other research projects. It is therefore important to update the rest of the group of your progress regularly. One way for such updates are posting weekly reports.if you are working for a project of the Digital Circuits and Systems Group by Prof. Benini, you will be asked to submit a weekly report by e-mail every week on Friday.

Note the following:

  • Add 'WR' to the subject line, in addition it is practical to add the week number as well.
  • Address your mail to Prof. Benini, do not forget to add your supervisors in CC
  • Start with a 1-2 sentence summary of your project
  • Using bullet points, state what you have done in the current week. Make sure to report results (if any) and inform of design decisions you have taken.
  • Add the plan for the coming week using bullet points as well.
  • Try to be brief (about half a page) and concise.

Submit your reports on-time. Late submissions will reflect poorly on you.

Example Weekly Report

Subject: WR (34) - Template project
From: student <>
To: Luca Benini <>
CC: advisor1<>, advisor2<>


I am working on the template project for the website
that will be used as an example.

- Started the webpage, it is accessible under:
- Discussed with Advisor1 about the content, decided to add an example 
weekly report

Next Week:
- Correct spelling and improve formatting
- Add a figure to improve the website

- I have an exam on Tuesday, so I will need to study for the exam on Monday