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Development of an efficient algorithm for quantum transport codes

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Short Description

Non-equilibrium Green’s function (NEGF) formalism is one of the most advanced methods for studying quantum transport properties of nanostructures. It is especially convenient for treating inelastic scattering like electron-phonon and phonon-phonon interactions. However, the treatment of inelastic interactions within the NEGF framework is usually based on the self-consistent Born approximation (SCBA) which induces a numerically demanding iterative scheme..

The Big Picture

The goal of this project is to develop an efficient algorithm, the so-called recursive algorithm, for the Lowest Order Approximation (LOA) to replace the routinely adopted SCBA scheme. The tasks will include the development and implementation of such an algorithm, with the benchmarking to the conventional one. This algorithm will then be applied to analyze the properties of atomically thin 2D devices, seeking a promising candidate for next-generation nanoelectronics.

Status: Available

Looking for 1 Master student
Interested candidates please contact: Dr.Youseung Lee


Good knowledge in solid state physics and quantum mechanics
Knowledge of MATLAB/C++ programming


Mathieu Luisier

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