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Welcome to IIS-Projects

On this page, you will find student and research projects at the Integrated Systems Laboratory of the ETH Zurich.

Institute Organization

The IIS Consists of 7 main research groups

Integrated Devices, Electronics, And Systems Group (Prof. Wang)

Analog and Mixed Signal Design Group (Dr. Burger)

Digital Circuits and Systems Group (Prof. Benini)

Energy Efficient Circuits and IoT Systems Group (Prof. Jang)

Nano-TCAD Group (Prof. Luisier)

Integrated Information Processing Group (Prof. Studer)

Physical Characterization Group (Dr.Ciappa)

Collaborations with other groups/departments

Selected Projects in Progress

For a complete list, see Projects in Progress.

Selected Completed Projects

For a complete list, see Completed Projects.

Selected Research Projects

For a complete list, see Research Projects.

Links to Other IIS Webpages
Integrated Systems Laboratory Main homepage
Nano-TCAD group homepage
Microelectronics Design Center
The IIS-ASIC Chip Gallery
EDA Wiki (ETH Zurich internal access only!)